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Human centered design and sustainability are the basis for value creation. Let’s find out how to achieve them!


Portfolio, contents and formats

Analysis, workshops & projects

Customer Experience Management & Design

Aligning a company’s strategy, operations and culture to achieve great customer experience (CX) undeniably is a vital success factor for businesses. However, “experiences” are far more complex than the mere use of a product or service. Rather, CX is a human experience influenced by the situational context, previous experiences, media and social influences and interactions.

In order to design and improve human experiences of product and service use, you need to: 1) Generate profound knowledge around these experiences; 2) Use an expert design approach; 3) Implement a concept to monitor the “experience” alive and keep on improving it.

Research, Design & Management therefore are pillars of a working CX in your company. My approaches are tailor-made to help you build these pillars.

Let’s have a chat and do some initial sparring on this big topic!

Research & Design Projects

Employee Experience Design

Your company’s trustworthiness, brand image and long-term success do not depend only on good customer experiences. Employees’ experiences – or rather human experiences at work – also matter, big time! Positive experiences influence motivation, productivity, retention and recommendation in a measurably way. But experiences are also very complex, as they are influenced by a broad range of factors – physical settings, human interactions, processes, job content and even personal conditions – to name just a few.

In order to re-design / improve EX in your company, you need to know about challenges, pain points, needs and opportunities. I will drive your research project to discover these factors and help you with deriving insights and actions. Resulting design projects will be driven by knowledge of your Employee Personas and their Journeys, in order to recreate whole experiences or specific moments and touchpoints.

Let’s talk about your EX project!

Workshops & Individual Coaching

Strategic Agile Coaching

As teams and people leaders you are facing a multitude of challenges. Organizational transformation and new ways of working, ever changing targets, parallel projects, high workload, introduction of new tools / methods / channels and hybrid or virtual work contexts create a highly complex work environment.

Strategic Agile Coaching is my concept to help you tackle this complexity. “Strategic” hereby describes a structured approach that helps you focus on doing the right and important “stuff”. By “agile” I mean a pragmatic approach that employs tools and methods as enablers – and not because they are fancy – in order to address needs, requirements & changes in a flexible and proactive way. My tailor made approaches also take into account how you and your team work (local / hybrid / virtual).

What are your challenges?  Let’s tackle them together!

Creativity & Innovation Trainings

X Mind Boarders

Today’s working culture has conditioned us to continuously “get *** done”, achieve goals, always move upwards. We rarely pause, hardly reflect and never take time to change perspectives. Using digital tools and programs has become intuitive, but we can hardly decipher our own handwriting.

Why is this a problem? A pure achiever mindset is not sufficient to address and solve the complexity of our times. We need to re-learn how to think and act differently: in a visual & creative way that embraces unconventional connections. X Mind Boarders is a series of trainings designed to help you cross mental boarders and find those truly sustainable and innovative solutions. You will learn how to employ design-based techniques to address your challenges in a new way – including fun and efficiency gains. All training formats are based on my broad experience and scientific insights.

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Good News!

Whichever service you choose – you’ll get these characteristics on top:

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Partners and collaborations

Partners are for my professional life like friends in private: You share interests, help each other out, inspire each other and create great things together!

My motivation:
great people, challenging topics and the freedom of being self-employed.

My goal: Inspire others with all of my activities!

About me

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About this website … and about me

You’ve made it to down here — that’s awesome as it tells me you may like this page.
What you’re seeing is the result of many mental design iterations. I’ve asked for support from a marketing agency about what good design should look like, I’ve taken a look in the old marketing books from university, I’ve asked business partners, clients and friends on their view of color and form.

I apologize for but I’m not sorry to say that I’ve ignored most of the input. Instead, I’ve simply followed my intuition and created a page that hopefully displays both: my professional competencies and my personality. The latter of which I don’t leave behind at the office door but actually see as integral part of my work for and with people.

So now is the time to tell you more about me. Also feel free to visit my social media profiles or contact me directly. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Competencies and Development

My field of work is interdisciplinary and often complex. It requires a quick understanding of topics, organizations and processes. This ability is the result of experience and the combination of different competencies. Here are some of the most important competencies that I often combine and continuously develop in my work:

Human centered design (EX, CX, UX) 95%
OKR, agile & strategic coaching 85%
Workshop design & facilitation 95%
Design & (Data) Visualization, Data Storytelling 65%
Writing & Storytelling 75%

* 0% = Beginner – 100% = Expert

Education and Career Milestones

  • Since 10/2017 Freelance consultant in the field of Design Thinking, Innovation and Customer Experience Management
  • 01/2011 – 09/2017
    Digital Innovation Manager at Accenture Digital
    Consultant at Accenture Strategy
    Analyst at Accenture Technology Consulting

  • 10/2016 – 04/2018 Deutsche POP Frankfurt: Diploma Fashion Design
  • 10/2008 – 09/2010 Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg/Université Val-de-Marne (Paris) M.A. International Economic Relations & M.A. International Trilingual Management
  • 10/2004 – 08/2008 Philipps-Universität Marburg: B.A. Media Science
  • 09/1994 – 06/2004 Maria-Ward-Gymnasium Aschaffenburg: General higher education entrance qualification

Hobbies that rock

I’ve already cautioned you — now you get the full impact of my personality. But what does any of this have to do with a business homepage anymore?
My point of view? A lot! Design thinking and innovation are based on change of perspectives and unconventional relations. I gather spontaneous, unconsciously triggered inspiration through a range of diverse activities. The more different things I do the more inspired I become to … do even more! Sometimes I even spare myself long hours of concept development at the desk. You can soon read more about this approach in my first book!

So, these are my favorite pleasure activities and my best sources of inspiration:

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!