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empathy x efficiency

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creativity x classical methods

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Sustainability, value creation and unwavering client-focus are THE success factors for project collaboration
of the future — let’s create it together!


Portfolio, contents and formats

Analysis, workshops & projects

Customer Experience Management

Aligning a company’s strategy, operations and culture to achieve great customer experience undeniably is a vital success factor for businesses. However, there’s no one size fits all approach for establishing and sustainably running Customer Experience Management in the corporate world.

CX consulting, therefore, can take on diverse formats: analysis of CX readiness in the above-mentioned dimensions; „initiation“ workshops for first thoughts and solutions towards a customer-centric approach; and project support — from the strategic setup to design implementation.

Central questions to be tackled are: Why establish CXM in your company — to what end? And what needs to be done to reach that goal? Answers may range from establishing a CX strategy, transforming your entire business model and implementing the user-centric design to cultural change and creating an organizational foundation for CXM.

Let’s have a chat and do some initial sparring to approach this big topic!

Workshops & projects

Innovation Management

You need support for developing new products or services? You want to derive a new vision or strategy? You simply need mental space to consider challenges in your daily business, change perspectives or get inspiration for new solutions to old problems?

You’ve come to the right place: innovation workshops are a powerful format to develop tangible solutions to your questions. Prototypes, approaches for process improvement and innovation culture, business hacks and roadmaps for implementation planning are some of the many examples of innovation workshop output.

Going-in conditions are a well-phrased challenge or business question, a profoundly designed workshop concept, and a motivated team. I’m happy to help you create these conditions, facilitate the workshop and if needed support the setup of specific projects to enable the sustainability of the workshop output.

So, what are your questions? Let’s tackle them together!

Offsite workshops & events

Workation – work & vacation

Honestly — when do those really good ideas occur to you? What situation do you need to be in get into that absolute creative state of mind? Probably not in the open space at your office with the next deadline pressing down on your shoulders.

That’s what workations are for: far away from the office at an inspiring and calm location you and your team can be productive and create sustainable work results or gain new insights and develop skills through tailor-made trainings. Design Thinking, creativity techniques and inspiration methods are popular workation training topics.

The vacation elements consist of activity packages tailored to your goals and the location. They range from nature experiences and outdoor activities to local specialties and cultural events.

Workation durations usually are several days to a week. If you want to try it first: I’m also happy to create single-day team offsites in workation style for you.

Ask me for more details or find your favorite format on my partner site.

Trainings & speeches

Design Thinking & Innovation Methods

Design Thinking simply is a new phrase for (innovation) methods, mindsets and ways of working that have been used by wise designers for ages to create user centric products and services.

Since I have learned about DT as a consultant on projects in the business reality my approach towards DT methods and implementations is pragmatic and down-to-earth. I’m all about putting fancy method toolsets so work and tailoring them to the needs at hand — thereby often combining them with strategy tools and approaches toward process excellency.

You will experience the same hands-on approach in my workshops and trainings: a combination of foundational skills and practical experiences. The DT mindset comes in throughout: all formats are designed to be fun, creative, empathetic, inspiring and tailored to the needs of you as participant.

Ask me for training formats and interactive speeches!

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Good News!

Whichever service you choose – you’ll get these characteristics on top:

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Partners and collaborations

Partners are for my professional life like friends in private: You share interests, help each other out, inspire each other and create great things together!

My motivation:
great people, challenging topics and the freedom of being self-employed.

My goal: Inspire others with all of my activities!

About me

CV and more

About this website … and about me

You’ve made it to down here — that’s awesome as it tells me you may like this page.
What you’re seeing is the result of many mental design iterations. I’ve asked for support from a marketing agency about what good design should look like, I’ve taken a look in the old marketing books from university, I’ve asked business partners, clients and friends on their view of color and form.

I apologize for but I’m not sorry to say that I’ve ignored most of the input. Instead, I’ve simply followed my intuition and created a page that hopefully displays both: my professional competencies and my personality. The latter of which I don’t leave behind at the office door but actually see as integral part of my work for and with people.

So now is the time to tell you more about me. Also feel free to visit my social media profiles or contact me directly. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Competencies and Development

My field of work is interdisciplinary and often complex. It requires a quick understanding of topics, organizations and processes. This ability is the result of experience and the combination of different competencies. Here are some of the most important competencies that I often combine and continuously develop in my work:

Process Excellency 90%
Strategy Development 75%
Design Thinking, Innovation & Customer Experience Management 90%
Design & (Data) Visualization, Data Storytelling 50%
Requirements Management 85%

* 0% = Beginner – 100% = Expert

Education and Career Milestones

  • Since 10/2017 Freelance consultant in the field of Design Thinking, Innovation and Customer Experience Management
  • 01/2011 – 09/2017
    Digital Innovation Manager at Accenture Digital
    Consultant at Accenture Strategy
    Analyst at Accenture Technology Consulting

  • 10/2016 – 04/2018 Deutsche POP Frankfurt: Diploma Fashion Design
  • 10/2008 – 09/2010 Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg/Université Val-de-Marne (Paris) M.A. International Economic Relations & M.A. International Trilingual Management
  • 10/2004 – 08/2008 Philipps-Universität Marburg: B.A. Media Science
  • 09/1994 – 06/2004 Maria-Ward-Gymnasium Aschaffenburg: General higher education entrance qualification

Hobbies that rock

I’ve already cautioned you — now you get the full impact of my personality. But what does any of this have to do with a business homepage anymore?
My point of view? A lot! Design thinking and innovation are based on change of perspectives and unconventional relations. I gather spontaneous, unconsciously triggered inspiration through a range of diverse activities. The more different things I do the more inspired I become to … do even more! Sometimes I even spare myself long hours of concept development at the desk. You can soon read more about this approach in my first book!

So, these are my favorite pleasure activities and my best sources of inspiration:

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!